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Saftey Tips

To Buyer:

  • Please make sure you verify the product before you make the deal.
  • Please make sure you verify the product invoice in sellers name, and also purchase date.
  • Please meet the seller in safer place always, dont go to any remote areas, if possible take some one along with you to escort.
  • Any Financial transactions always do it once you recived the product or you Physically seen the product.
  • Dont share your financial infomatuion, such as bank details, credit card number ..etc

To Seller:

  • Don't use your personal phone numbers on ads. Use those numbers which are not so important to you
  • Set your price based on your market research and what you think is the best price you want to sell the product.
  • Dont share your financial information, such as bank account number, car number.
  • Dont go to any remote area without any proper assistance, make sure you meet the buyer in safe area.
  • Alret yourself for fake chaques and Money orders,
  • Verify the buyer credentials. never mediates between the seller and the buyer. If any individual or website claiming to be from Listpanda Team and offers to help with your transaction as an agent or broker then do not take up the offer.